9-10 December: general states of VIA and SEA


On 9 and 10 December, starting at 9:30, the Ministry of Ecological Transition organizes the ” States General of the EIA and SEA “. On December 9, the topics of debate will be ” ” Phase 2 “for the EIA between supranational targets and localisms in the culture of the territory and of the company ” and ” EIA in and for the country: the new permitting after the simplification law “.

On the second day, ” Listening and comparison as the only possible EIA ” and ” A country and its” strategies “: plans and schedules, cross-border interventions, SEA and cumulative effects will be treated.

The live broadcasts will include interventions by technicians and specialists from multiple geographic and sector areas; therefore Anthemis Environment Srl, which has been successfully operating in the environmental permitting sector for more than a decade, invites you to follow the event remotely after completing the registration form.

(By Claudio Abate)