Environmental design


ANTHEMIS ENVIRONMENT services in the field of environmental design allow companies and institutions to better manage their environmental governance, including the reconversion and redevelopment of productive or urban areas and settlements.

ANTHEMIS ENVIRONMENT ‘s approach to sustainability makes it possible to tackle planning and the executive phase with great attention to the enhancement of environmental resources, the reduction of impacts and the promotion of good circular economy practices.


  • Design of rainwater management works, at the service of large infrastructures
  • Design of agricultural and photovoltaic systems
  • Geological investigations
  • Territorial surveys


There are already over 300 case histories developed by ANTHEMIS ENVIRONMENT with its customers, to support them in the authorization process, to guide them towards regulatory compliance and to a strategic approach capable of putting ESG and CSR principles at the center of its mission and its future. .


Data, trends and insights on the issues of sustainability and the green economy.