Landscape design and green management


Landscape design, planning and sustainable development: alongside ANTHEMIS ENVIRONMENT companies and institutions know they can count on strategic guidance and technical support that lead to a structured path in structural phases with solid scientific, technical and environmental foundations.

In landscape design and green planning in urban or peri-urban areas, those who rely on ANTHEMIS ENVIRONMENT know they can count on a strategic approach capable of creating quality of life, social impact and achieving the programmed sustainability targets. Technical, economic, juridical and agronomic skills are combined with the experience gained since 2007 in the interface to public and private entities.


  • Design of public and private parks and gardens
  • Landscape requalification of degraded environments
  • Sustainable design of new usable areas
  • Stability investigations with VTA method, SIM, controlled traction tests and surveys at height
  • Tree censuses and territorial information systems
  • Endotherapy, phytoiatric treatments and maintenance plans


There are already over 300 case histories developed by ANTHEMIS ENVIRONMENT with its customers, to support them in the authorization process, to guide them towards regulatory compliance and to a strategic approach capable of putting ESG and CSR principles at the center of its mission and its future. .


Data, trends and insights on the issues of sustainability and the green economy.