Environmental permitting, monitoring and assessment of environmental risks


ANTHEMIS ENVIRONMENT has been the preferred interface between institutions and companies since 2007 in planning, permitting and environmental monitoring.

It provides environmental study, evaluation, analysis, modeling and document creation services aimed at perfecting the authorization process and achieving the sustainable development objectives of the organizations.


  • SEA – Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • VIA – Environmental Impact Assessment
  • VINCA – Environmental impact assessment
  • Health assessment integrated with the medical consultant
  • Plants for renewable energy sources
  • Environmental monitoring (water, soil, atmosphere, vegetation, fauna, noise, etc.)
  • Naturalistic / faunistic planning, forestry and pastoral planning, management plans of excavated earth and rocks, urban disinfestation.
  • Landscape analysis
  • Waste Management
  • AUA, AU, AIA – Environmental authorizations
  • Dèbat Public


There are already over 300 case histories developed by ANTHEMIS ENVIRONMENT with its customers, to support them in the authorization process, to guide them towards regulatory compliance and to a strategic approach capable of putting ESG and CSR principles at the center of its mission and its future.


Data, trends and insights on the issues of sustainability and the green economy.