In Taranto the first off-shore wind farm in Italy


The first turbine of an offshore wind farm in the Italian and Mediterranean seas was built in the waters of Taranto. Offshore wind farms are parks built on the surface of bodies of water, generally in seas or oceans within the continental shelf, to harness wind energy to generate electricity.

The first offshore wind farm in Italy is located 100 meters from the Taranto coast.

This week, the Renexia company specializing in sustainable plants installed the first of ten turbines in the park called Beleolico. The turbines are able to capture the not too strong air currents of the Mediterranean thanks to new technologies with more efficient blades and rotors and will develop energy equal to the annual needs of about 60 thousand people.

The plant will remain active for at least 25 years and will allow a saving of approximately 730 thousand tons of CO2.

(by Beatrice Cavallari)