The tree with the face


When the social and art meet the environment

What do Marina Vitale, co-founder of Anthemis Environment have in common with Maddalena Vietti, a company that supports companies and institutions in activities related to environmental design and sustainability, and Elena Lo Forte, creative technician of a Social-Educational Rehabilitation Service of the Stranaidea Social Enterprise?

Marina: “The idea of ​​creating a mural comes from the calm friendship that binds me to Elena. We have both always been “enchanted” by the reciprocal work activities that engage us in everyday life. You think that my work as an environmental designer is very interesting, creative and useful for the territory; likewise I believe that her commitment through art workshops with people with disabilities has these characteristics.

The curiosity to know the world of the other has made the realization of this project possible “.

The curiosity to bring two apparently distant realities closer, mixed with the talent and art of Lorenzo Filardi, has generated an artistic experience full of human implications. A journey that began in January 2022 and ended in June gave life to a mural in the break room of Anthemis: “The tree with the face”.

Marina: “The encounter between art and the environment took place through the hand of Lorenzo who represented the energy that nature releases to man. Lorenzo is the mural artist who with months of tests has given a “face” to his emotions and humanity to the trees.

At the end of this project, my initial thinking has partially changed, giving rise, together with Elena and Stranaidea, to a new experience in the field of inclusive and ethical environmental design “.

September 16, 2022

05:30 PM

at the Anthemis Environment headquarters, in via Lombardore 207 in Leinì (TO)

will be inaugurated the work of art by Lorenzo Filardi “The tree with the face” and officially sanctioned the beginning of a new precious collaboration between Stranaidea and Anthemis, between the roots and branches of social, art and environment.

Biography of Lorenzo Filardi: born in Ciriè (TO) in 1995, ever since he was a child he expressed on paper the image that his thought suggests, defining it within clear contours that circumscribe large fields of saturated colors. The details are developed in fantastic shots that continue, ideally, in an infinite space that goes beyond the sheet or canvas. Lorenzo works on large dimensions. Since 2015 he has been attending the Laboratory La Galleria / City of Turin, the studio of the architect Cesare Griffa and is part of SER L’Orobilogio of the Stranaidea Social Enterprise which since 1986 has been dealing with the general interest of the community, the environment and the territory. managing services for minors, adults, young people and families and taking care of the job placement of people in conditions of fragility. The borders in which he operates are: Piedmont, mainly in the city of Turin, in the Lanzo Valleys and in the Canavese area.